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  • Sunday, October 24, 2021:

We will have our Charge Conference, immediately following Worship Service instead of later in the afternoon.

  • Sunday School and Worship Service Update:

The Church Council met this past Sunday, August 1, 2021 after church to discuss the important issues in regards to the Covid-19 virus that has been on the uptick within our country and our state the past few weeks.

We discussed the recommendations of the CDC, the State of North Carolina, and the Bishop and Cabinet of the United Methodist Church. After much conversation with our mind focused on doing what is best for Boger City in accordance with the guidelines from above, we came up with what we thought was the best possible decision for Boger City at this time.

With that being said, on this coming Sunday, August 8, 2021 we are recommending and encouraging all members of Boger City to wear a mask during Worship Service and during Sunday School classes until further notice.

We know that this will make some people uncomfortable, and we also know that there are some within our congregation who will not wear a mask for any reason. But we felt that in order to continue our indoor worship services and to follow the guidelines set forth from the CDC, the State and the United Methodist Church, this was the best possible decision for Boger City.

As has already been said, we cannot make any of you follow these guidelines, but we are trying our best to love our neighbors as our selves and to make sure that we continue on the path towards stabilizing our worship experience here at Boger City.

We know this is not the most popular decision for our church at this moment, but we feel that it is the best decision we can make to try to keep us all safe here at the church, which is our number one priority.

We pray that you understand our decision and we hope to see you all on Sunday.

Have a great week!!

Pastor Ronnie Roseboro and the Church Council at Boger City United Methodist Church

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  • Youth Fellowship:

    • suspended until further notice

  • Community Luncheon:

    • Suspended until further notice.

      • Menu to be added

    • Scout Troop 73 and Cub Pack 73 are suspended until further notice

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