Upcoming Events

Saints and Sinners Indoor Yard Sale

We will be having an indoor yard sale on Saturday, April 20th in the Fellowship Hall. Please bring your donations to the

Fellowship Hall the week of April 15th. Also do let us know if you need a donor form for tax purposes. WADY’s will be selling biscuits and breakfast items, while they last.


2024 Flower Chart Is Up

If you are interested in placing flowers on the Altar this year, please see the 2024 Flower Chart on the bulletin board going into the Fellowship Hall.

Cup of Grace

Cup of Grace will continue on Sunday mornings before Sunday School and again before Worship Service in the Fellowship Hall.


Pew Pads

Please sign in on the Pew Pads at the end of each row, to let us know that you are here today.


Interested in Lay Servant Ministries

Our District and our church are always looking for those that would be interested in being more involved in Lay Servant

Ministries. It can sound overwhelming but with different tiers you can find the one that fits you best.


*Basic Lay Servant - one that serves only in his/her local church.


*Advanced Lay Servant - serves in his/her church and other local churches as a speaker.


*Lay Minister - serves anywhere in the United Methodist church and can be a fill-in for churches as needed.


(If you would be interested, please see Pastor Ronnie for more details.)